Electric Vehicle Energy
Management System
DCC-9 and DCC-10 are UL Listed and CSA US certified.
Pat. #10,486,539
DCC-9 and DCC-10 are proudly manufactured in Canada by Thermolec.
Electricians in Canada and the United States use DCC to install electric vehicle charging in condos and apartments.

DCC-9 is the best solution to connect an EV charger to the feeder of a panel in an apartment or condo and in single-family homes where no additional breaker space is available. DCC-9 permits direct utility billing to unit for all electricity consumed by charging.

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DCC-10 and DCC-10-3R is used for residential electric vehicle charging installations by electricians across North America

DCC-10 is the ideal solution to connect an EV charger to a new branch-circuit of a panel when breaker spaces are available. DCC-10 avoids the need for major infrastructure upgrades and allows for a simplified EV charging installation.

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Our products are currently available in the United States and Canada.
DCC units are UL Listed and CSA US certified.

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